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I’ve always admired this line of modern wire baskets available only at MoMA (Museum of Modern Art), and now the online shop is currently having a 50% off sale. The basket is made by Alessi and comes in a red (in a square shape), or yellow (in a round shape). It’s perfect for fruit. You could also use it as a bread basket, or even line it with a towel and fill it with tortilla chips.  It would be a bright, sophisticated touch to any kitchen counter top. $39.95 (the usual price is $85) at


I usually use my microwave to keep track of cooking times, but there’s something much more satisfying about using an actual kitchen timer. Maybe it’s that the ring is less jarring than the mechanical beep of the microwave. Not long ago a friend of mine bought this old-fashioned vintage timer, and not only is it a funky kitchen gadget that looks great on the fridge (it’s magnetic), but it has a nice ring to it, too! It comes in four colors: light blue, red, black, and yellow. $10.95 at

Table runners are a quick way to give your dining room a makeover without spending a lot of money—especially when said runner is on sale, like the one pictured here. Created by Scandinavian artist Lotta Anderson, this contemporary yet earthy aqua design would work well in any season. I love that the fabric is linen, which gives it a natural feel (it’s also machine washable). Anderson is based in Brooklyn (she has a store in Boerum Hill) and, if you’re design-savvy yourself and live in NYC, she’s holding a workshop on surface printing on March 21. On sale for $35 (marked down from $69) at

Did your significant other forget to buy you chocolate for Valentine’s Day? (Ahem.) Or maybe you just want to treat yourself to some chocolaty lovin’, or stock up on gifts for friends. Really, you don’t even need a reason to click here and get a box of organic chocolates by VivaTerra, each with its own inspired design. (I already ordered mine.) The box of six includes ingredients like pistachios, dried cherries, and cocoa nibs. On sale for $5 (marked down from $16) at VivaTerra.

If you have a record of killing plant life (such as myself), perhaps the best way to bring the outdoors inside is through some creative decor. These garden-inspired dinner plates will certainly do the trick. The bold green and white pattern would be gorgeous with white table linens for a sophisticated, natural look. Or, I can imagine a place setting with pink linens for something a little more…tropical? The plates are made of glass.  A set of four is on sale for $29.99 (marked down from $38.95) at

This past year I’ve become obsessed with reusable shopping bags to the point where my local grocers don’t even reach for a plastic bag after they ring me up, and instead wait for me to whip out my own (though they never offer to fill it, and I end up having to do that job myself, unlike with the plastic bags…which I don’t get).  But what about when you’re going to pick up a few bottles of wine? The idea of them rolling around and clinking against each other sounds like a recipe for disaster. So I like the idea of a reusable shopping bag just for bottles. The bag pictured here is designed by Reisenthel, a 30+ year old German company known for its functional designs. It also comes in two other colors–black and floral.  $12.74 at

When you’re cooking it just feels nice to prep your ingredients in bowls that happen to look great on your counter top, too. This gorgeous set of blue melamine bowls by Martha Stewart is on sale for half off the original price at Macy’s. I love the different shades of blue and the fact that they’re a great space-saver.  On sale for $17.50 (marked down from $34.99) at Macy’s.

These adorable pink vintage-style glasses are on sale now for just $9.99 (reduced from $39.99) for a set of six at JCPenney. They’d be great to use with lunch or brunch, or for wine. Or, simply whenever you want to feel special while drinking your morning OJ. The store is actually having a pretty big sale and there are other great items that are marked down, too (like this bookshelf for just $49.99–a similar version of which I’ve seen at West Elm). But these glasses are my favorite find.

Sur La Table Colander

A friend of mine sent me one of these mini colanders as a gift, and it’s become one of my favorite things. It comes in a variety of colors–I have the turquoise. It’s also easy to store (which is great if you have a small kitchen like me) and doesn’t take up much space in your sink.  I find that the only time I need to use my big colander now is with big heaps of pasta or when I am washing greens or veggies in bulk. $7.95 at Sur La Table.